Families & Loved Ones

Families and Loved Ones (CCI00876)

After working with hundreds of families and traveling around the world educating thousands more, Carolyn has finally put together a course that family members can sign up for and take at their own pace to help them deal with the daunting task of supporting and helping their loved one struggling with an eating disorder.

From getting inside the mindset of someone with an eating disorder, to teaching loved ones how to talk back to the eating disorder self and strengthen the healthy self, this course provides the kind of information that Carolyn used to deliver in family groups and sessions at the treatment center she founded and ran for 20 years.

Every family is different but there are some important things to know and understand in order to grasp this complex illness and this course puts family members on the right track, offering a foundation that can then be built on with the specific details of each families’ unique situation.

The course contains over 20 hours of audio, visual and written material, including:

• Information to help you understand eating disorders

• Insight into how a brain hijacked by an eating disorder will interpret certain comments and circumstances

• Specific, actionable tips to help you at various stages of your loved one’s journey

• Guidance on what to say/do and NOT say/do in certain situations

• Information on the types of treatments available

• What to expect during family therapy sessions

• Advice on how to care for yourself as you endure the ups and downs of your loved one’s struggle

• Never before heard audio from inside family sessions with Carolyn

• Interviews with those whose loved ones are now recovered, which contain relatable stories, things they wish they would have done differently, things that worked, turning points and advice they want to pass on to you.

**This course does NOT provide Continuing Education credits. If you would like to earn CE credits for taking this course, please purchase the "Families and Loved Ones (FOR CLINICIANS)" version from the course catalog.** Click here to access the clinicians' version
  • Welcome
  • About Carolyn: Interviews With Colleagues in the Eating Disorder Field
  • Introduction: A Message From Carolyn
  • Navigating the Course
  • Canaries in the Coal Mine
  • Lessons From My Recovery and Working With Others
  • Contributions to Eating Disorder Development
  • The Thin Commandments
  • Eating Disorders As Adaptive Functions
  • First Steps / How to Approach
  • When You Discover Your Loved One Has an Eating Disorder
  • How to Approach Someone You Suspect Has an Eating Disorder
  • Guidelines If You Know Your Loved One Has a Problem
  • Navigating in Uncharted Waters
  • Treatment Philosophies
  • Your Loved One Can BE Recovered
  • Finding an Eating Disorder Treatment Team
  • What to Look for When Selecting a Treatment Center
  • What's Going On In There?
  • Family Matters: Part 1
  • Family Matters: Part 2
  • Clarifying Concepts From the Family Matters Video
  • Temperament and the Eating Disorder Self
  • Summary of 8 Keys to Recovery
  • How You Can Help, Family Therapy
  • Commonly Asked Questions From Family Members
  • What to Expect From Family Therapy
  • Family Session With Carolyn (Being Inside a Real Family Session)
  • Why Getting Better Feels So Bad
  • What Can I Say/Do?
  • Taking Your Loved One Clothing Shopping
  • How to Go Out With Your Loved One
  • Carolyn Helps Families & Clients Work On Various Issues
  • Soul Lessons
  • The Parent’s Relationship to Food, Weight and Body Image
  • Hopeful Messages from Family / Significant Others Whose Loved Ones Recovered
  • Interview With Michael: A Father Whose Daughter Recovered
  • Interview With Jody: A Mother Whose Daughter Recovered
  • Interview With Christine: A Mother Whose Daughter Is Recovered
  • Interview With Steve: A Husband Whose Wife Is Recovered
  • Interview With Krista (Who Is Recovered) and Her Mother
  • Interview With Jean: A Mother Whose Daughter Is Recovered
  • Interview With Alex: A Husband Whose Wife Is Recovered
  • Hopeful Messages From Clients
  • From the Worst Day to Recovery
  • Glossary of Terms
Completion rules
  • You must complete 99.00% of the content